A fresh face to rational representation

I was born in Wake County and spent most of my life here.

As a political science student at NC State, I understand the power of education and desire to see change in our political landscape. I have often witnessed unconventional opinions being oppressed by professors this in classroom.

My educational experience inspired me to volunteer as an outreach director for the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) student chapter at NCSU. Often times, professors or students simply do not entertain the thought that the government should not intervene in many aspects of individuals’ lives.  The Status Quo education system continues to perpetuate itself.

I also believe that brief, readable and concise legislation better supports democratic process rather than the long, wordy and non-transparent bills that frustrate voters.

I believe that if a representative believes in a bill s/he sponsors, then it should not be several pages long and full of language only attorneys understand.

I believe North Carolina’s diverse people and geography can form a perfect synergy for solving society’s problems.

I am running for elected office because I believe in transparency and not deception. In a county district, the relationship between the voter, ballot and representative should be fully accessible. I am running to represent my community where freedoms are not legislated in obscurity.

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